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The Best For Less

Producing a wide range of products recognized for it’s high quality over many years of manufacture

About us

Welcome to our family.
We (FECS General Trading & Export CC T/A Delta Detergents) established our business in 2000, to supply the demand for ‘The Best for Less’ in local cleaning products to our local community. The market took very favorable to our products and in less than a month of putting the product into the market, the independant supermarkets, wholesalers and cash and carry’s started contacting our company for supply.

We produce a wide range of products recognized for it’s high quality over many years of manufacture. We are dedicated to provide excellent service and outstanding customer relations. Our supply of superior products places us at the forefront in the industry.
This being achieved by applying the most advanced production methods in conjunction with modern technology and a work force dedicated in the purpose to deliver the best.

We also cater for the restaurant and coffee shop industries as well as all industrial cleaning chemicals.

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Our Products are made in South Africa


Best kitchen spray and window cleaner! My favourite, and it all smells amazing!!

Nini Albanis
Left my oven pans to soak overnight with the Oven and Stove cleaner and was so surprise at how it disclosed the grime and made it easier to wipe down in the morning. Lets not mention the affordability of the product.
Thank you Housewife's
Daniella Frankiskos
This product is amazing! They have it in citrus and lavender gels too. The lavender is just amazing!!

Nina Lambrakis